Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink 4 lbs-Tangerine Cream (26 Servings)

Mike's Mix Recovery Drink 4 lbs-Tangerine Cream (26 Servings)

  • Effective. Facilitates Amazing Recovery; nearly eliminating post-workout soreness from strength and endurance workouts.
  • Affordable. Your money buys quality product not endorsements and expensive advertisements.
  • All Natural. There are no heavy metals, harmful additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colors.
  • Simple. Dumping a plethora of chemicals and fillers into a product doesn’t make it superior. With Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink, you won’t find the laundry list of additives that increase cost and bulk without adding benefits.
  • Super convenient and easy to mix. Combine Mike’s Mix Recovery Drink with liquid in any bottle with a lid, shake and drink.

Whether you’re training to mold a six pack of abs or qualify for the Ironman, no factor is more crucial to your success than consistent, strong and productive workouts. That is why for the past 30 years sports nutrition research has focused on nutritional considerations that optimize recovery. Mike’s Mix Recovery Drinks are formulated with a comprehensive understanding of this research, and with thousands of products sold we have never had a complaint that our drinks weren’t powerfully effective

List Price: $ 35.99

Price: $ 35.99

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