Mammoth Mass Chocolate 10lb

Mammoth Mass Chocolate 10lb

  • Mass Gainer For Increasing Muscle Gains
  • 60 grams of Protein per serving
  • 1250 Calories per serving
  • OVER 39 GRAMS of BCAA’s, Glutamine & Essential Amino Acids
  • CLEAN CARB complex featuring Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Rolled Oats

The legend is back! Mammoth Mass revolutionized the gainer category and the team is back at it again with a protein blend second to none and the cleanest carb complex in the field. Mammoth Mass will bring your gains out of the Ice Age and into the Muscle Age. Because size matters – Make it Mammoth for more taste, more quality calories, and the most gains!!!

List Price: $ 54.99


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